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Leading through Delegating to Improve Organizational Efficiency

Strong leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Just ask Greg Gullberg. Gullberg has more than a decade of experience working in newsrooms and film studios. He is currently earning his Masters Degree in Administrative Leadership. Greg Gullberg says that leadership is not a job role. Leadership is what people do and what they achieve. Gullberg believes that great leaders value their followers above themselves.

When leading employees in an organization, it is important to differentiate between leadership and micromanagement. Many executives make the mistake of becoming supervisors rather than leaders. They focus on micromanaging rather than empowering their employees. This only hurts productivity.

Leaders know that they cannot take control of every task and delegation is necessary. They ensure every member is adequately briefed about his/her role and how it fits into the overall mission and vision of the organization. Employees perform better when they know their work contributes positively to the organization's stated mission, which gives them a greater sense of purpose and loyalty.

The job of a leader goes beyond distributing work and then waiting for the finished product. Even though tasks have been devolved, the buck still stops at the top. A leader must open communication channels with his/her team. Doing so creates a positive environment to share feedback on tasks and advise on improving efficiency.


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